Your Personal “Get Out of Conflict” Plan

In this free 30- to 60-minute session, my intention is to help you see a way out of conflict. Even if you’ve lost hope that it’s possible, or if you’re extremely frustrated and feeling stuck.

Four things happen during this session:

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    I’m going to help you connect to your vision; to remember what you truly want out of the relationship.
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    In order to be able to get out of conflict, it’s important to identify the core issues. Sometimes it's fuzzy exactly why there's so much conflict - it's just painful. And other times there’s an obvious surface issue, but there are other deeper issues involved also. In either case, we need to identify what the core issues are and I’m going to help you do that.
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    Realistically, conflict takes some time to completely unwind. But I’m going to give you some really concrete steps that you can take on your own to help lessen the pain and to start you on the path towards resolving it.
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    And then I’m going to give you my honest assessment on what I think it’ll take to get to a healthy place and resolve the conflict permanently. And that might mean various resources and that might mean more work with me, how I could help you do that.

Here’s how to book:

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    The first step is to tell me a little bit about your conflict. No need to write a novel, but if I can have a sense of what’s going on, it will help us make the most of our time together. Fill out the form below to tell me a bit about your situation.
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    Once you submit your answers, you'll be sent to the booking page where you can see an up-to-the-minute picture of my calendar and book yourself in at a time that works for you.

After pressing “submit” you will automatically forwarded to the booking page.