4) Grow Your Skills — Monthly Group Program

The new habits you’ll have learned about – whether in private or group sessions – are highly effective both in getting your needs met and in strengthening your relationships, making it easier and easier to get what you want over time.

But you will be constantly subject to the pull of your biologically programmed reactions (fight, flight, freeze) and the examples of people all around you acting out these patterns – in real life at home and at work, in movies and television shows, and in email and social media.

What I have discovered is that, without ongoing support to sustain the core skills and communication habits, we fall back into our old, automatic, biologically-triggered reactions – with the resulting negative impacts on our relationships and our own happiness, success, and enjoyment of life.

There is nothing sadder for me than having people skip this step because, through my work with them they’ve gotten to a place where “Things are good. We’ve got it. We can take it from here.” only to find out later that they have split up because, like all of us, without support they couldn’t sustain what had gotten things to that good place.

What’s Needed

We all need a periodic regular infusion of two things:

  • First, positive examples of the skills and habits in action,
  • And second, support to make sure you’re applying the skills and habits in a truly effective way and haven’t started to inadvertently sneak in elements of fight, flight or freeze that will undermine your success both in getting what you want and in the quality of your relationships.

Two Options

There are two ways to get this periodic infusion of what you need to stay on track:

Periodic One-on-One or Joint Sessions

These are scheduled at times and frequencies that work for you. During one-on-one sessions you can choose to receive support for healing from difficult interactions with other people or yourself (e.g., guilt, shame), to prepare for conversations with other people – including the opportunity to roleplay potentially difficult conversations with coaching until you feel comfortable to “go live” – and a compassionate and supportive space to debrief and learn from conversations that have occurred, or any other way you would like to use the session.

Joint sessions provide a variety of opportunities to enhance your skills and relationships. For example, you can work on specific skills with support to “shape” how you use the skill to be more effective and connecting. Or the two of you can choose to try having a potentially challenging conversation and receive in-the-moment coaching and support for maintaining and restoring connection during difficult moments, as well as support to find a resolution that works for both of you. You can choose to have a joint session with someone who is also choosing to build these skills, or with someone who has not encountered them yet.

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New! Monthly Group Sessions — Via Zoom

  • One 2-hour session a month, via Zoom, Sept – May (excluding Dec) – 8 months.
  • Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 pm, resuming Thursday January 11, 2024
  • 2nd Thursday of the month
  • Prerequisite: Having studied the content in topics 1 and 2 with me (“How to heal and learn from difficult interactions” and “How to talk about what you want and make decisions with others“) – either in private or group sessions.
  • Recordings will be available of the tips and activities I share during each session, while allowing each participant choice about whether anything related to them is included in the recording – or not.
  • Offered by subscription: $50 per month (+ HST/GST if applicable), charged monthly for the series from when you join the program.
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What’s Included:

    • Healing from frustrating or painful interactions with other people or yourself.
      I find that the hardest thing about doing this process is taking the time to actually do it. And clients have told me that they find this much easier and more comfortable to do this when I’m at hand to help if they get stuck. Both of these things will be provided during this series.
    • Support to prepare for your own real-life conversations — including, on request, suggestions on how to talk about what you want or how to respond to objections you anticipate hearing.
    • Opportunity to practice — responding to spontaneous objections and other “hard to hear” messages.
    • Flexibility – to include your ideas of what would be helpful.
    • Communication Makeovers — On request, I will take a conflict situation – either submitted by a participant or a scene from a movie or TV show – and illustrate how the conflict could have been resolved or prevented using the skills and habits I teach.

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Register for monthly Grow Your Skills group sessions

Registration for this program will open shortly. If you have any questions about it, please click here to send me an email.

If you are interested in working with me privately, or through a combination of group and private sessions, or if you’re just not sure what’s right for you, please schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique situation. My desire is to help you find your way to the kind of relationships you truly want.

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