Registration is Open for Fall Courses!

If you want to learn and develop more skills for the kind of relationships you want, registration is now open for this fall’s group courses!

If you have not worked with me before,

If we have worked together before,

    • If we worked on both “shifting” and on communicating with others, you have two options:
      1. I recommend the advanced once-a-month 4) Grow Your Skills program where we’ll work on both the

        1) Heal and learn from difficult interactions process (aka “Shift”)  and

        2) How to talk about what you want and make decisions with others process (aka “The Change Conversation”)

      2.  If you want more consistent practice, you also have the option of participating in the 6-session 1) How to heal and learn from difficult interactions group program at the 2/3 off “refresher” rate – check for the special link!

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reply to this email with what you’d like to know.

Warmly, 🙂 Glenda

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